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Major Milestone: 4 billion acres of biotech crops now planted globally








May 5, 2014

It’s no small number – 4 billion acres of biotech crops have now been planted globally.  The impressive mark was met and passed Saturday 3 May 2014, according to the Biotech Counter at Truth About Trade & Technology’s website.

A few weeks ago the approaching milestone was the topic of a weekly column by Global Farmer Network member Jose Luis Romeo from Spain – that column can be seen here.

Whoever the farmer was and where exactly he or she was at when that number was hit will never be known.  But what is known is biotech crops have been rapidly adopted and grown by farmers around the world, and safely consumed by billions of consumers over and over again.

The Biotech Counters, found in the upper right area of the website, track the number of biotech acres planted around the world, and the number of biotech acres harvested around the world (the harvested number is also approaching four billion acres).

The unique counters run actively and are updated and maintained on a regular basis.  The calculations are made by Ross Korves, the Trade and Economic Policy Analyst for TATT.  Also check out the weekly Trade and Economic Policy Analysis that Ross writes (posted each Thursday) – click here.

So when will the world hit 5 billion biotech acres planted?  Stay tuned, it’ll come quicker than you think!


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