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Adoption and Uptake Pathways of Gm/Biotech Crops by Small-Scale, Resource-Poor Farmers in the Philippines









By Dr. Cleofe S. Torres1, Romel A. Daya2, Ma. Teresita B Osalla3, and Juvy N. Gopela4

1 Professor, 2, 3 Assistant Professor, and 4 University Extension Associate

College of Development Communication, University of the Philippines Los Baños

College, Laguna, Philippines


This study was conducted to analyze the dynamics of adoption and uptake pathways of biotech crops among small-scale, resource-poor farmers and the changes these have brought about in the farmers’ lives. It is focused on biotech corn, the only approved biotech crop for commercialization in the country at the time of study. Adoption here refers to how the famers acquire and eventually apply the knowledge and practices pertaining to the planting of biotech corn. Uptake pathway refers to the process that captures how biotech corn is introduced, adopted, disseminated, and shared by the farmers to others.



The specific objectives of the study are as follows:

1.  Describe the farmer-adoptors of biotech corn in terms of their socio-demographic characteristics and farm profile;

2.  Analyze the biotech corn adoption patterns in terms of:

  • factors considered in adoption
  • mode of adoption
  • desire to continue planting biotech corn
  • awareness and willingness to plant other biotech crops
  • preferred characteristics of future biotech crops;

3.  Assess their uptake pathways of biotech corn in terms of:

  • first information received on biotech corn
  • sources of information
  • attendance in trainings and workshops
  • sharing of knowledge on biotech corn
  • access to facilities and support services
  • results of Innovation Tree analysis;

4.  Enumerate the benefits derived and problems encountered in the adoption of biotech corn;

5.  Determine the relationship between farmers’: socio-demographic characteristics and mode of adoption; and farm profile and mode of adoption of biotech corn; and

6.  Formulate recommendations by which the adoption and uptake pathways of biotech corn among small-scale and resource poor farmers may be enhanced.


Full paper can be seen here:


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