BCP Principles

The BCP believes in the following underlying principles:

The only worthwhile science and technology is one founded on and spurred by the pursuit of public interest.

Advancement in the field of biotechnology has presented new opportunities and potentials that the country can harness to achieve its national development goals.

The national policy and regulatory framework for biotechnology should be rational, objective, transparent and scientific. It must be responsive and beneficial to the growth requirements of various sectors in society.

The full potential of modern biotechnology can only be realized through:

  • Sufficient public and private monies for research and development;
  • An enlightened public support;
  • Adequate protection for intellectual property rights;
  • A dynamic exchange of information and ideas from within and among the State, science community, and the general public;
  • Technology transfer to the private sector and target beneficiaries;
  • Accessibility and availability of products especially to the marginalized sectors; and’
  • Appropriate policy support.