Hawaii GMO Papaya: Real Solutions Real Lives [The Cornell Alliance for Science]

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30 January 2017

Dear Science Allies,

 On behalf of the Cornell Alliance for Science I would like to make you aware of a new, originally-produced 30-minute documentary that we have just released entitled, “Hawaii GMO Papaya: Real Solutions, Real Lives”.


The ringspot virus is the biggest factor limiting papaya production around the world. This new Alliance for Science video documents Cornell University’s development of the transgenic, ringspot-resistant papaya, which saved the Hawaii papaya industry. It also chronicles the rise of the anti-GMO movement in Hawaii, which targeted the transgenic papaya. Anti-GMO activism has meanwhile halted transgenic papaya research in Venezuela and Thailand. In this video, Hawaii farmers talk about what the GMO papaya means to them, the challenges facing tropical agriculture, and the need for inclusive dialogue to correct misinformation and heal the polarization around the GMO issue.



We hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, including requests to use all or portions of this film. Please contact me at jad485@cornell.edu


Atu Darko
Associate Director for Communications
Cornell Alliance of Science

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