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Ethiopia to commercialize BT cotton in two years

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              25-11-2016 12:57:51 | by: Bob Koigi Ethiopia is set to begin commercialization of biotechnologically developed cotton following the adoption of a law that granted experimentation rights both in labs and fields and the conduct of confined field trials of the BT cotton. According to Endale Gebre (PhD), director of agricultural bio technology sector at the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute in the coming one or two years, Ethiopia will...

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Biotechnology: A growing field in the developing world

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              15 November 2016 A detailed new report surveys a broad cross-section of biotechnology work across developing countries, revealing steady growth in fields tied to human well-being worldwide.   The developing world is achieving significant growth in a broad cross-section of biotechnology fields, many of them directly tied to food production, health and other dimensions of human well-being, says a new analysis commissioned by the CAS-TWAS...

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FAO Report Promotes Biotechnology As Key Tool In Facing Climate Change

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              The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) released its annual report on The State of Food and Agriculture focusing on impacts of climate change on agriculture and the implications for food security. According to the report, there is an urgent need to support smallholders in adapting to climate change. Farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolk and community foresters are dependent on tasks that involve climate and at the same...

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