Cornell University’s new edX Massive Open Online Course, “Science and Politics of the GMO.”

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Cornell University online GMO course- free & enrollment open

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


I am part of the teaching team on Cornell University’s new edX Massive Open Online Course, “Science and Politics of the GMO.” This is a Cornell course free to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection. Enrollment for the course is now open, and instruction begins Sept. 13. We want to encourage you to enroll, and to share with others in your network. Studying the science of GMOs helps us to understand biotechnology’s potential role in addressing eminent challenges in agriculture. In this free, 5-week introductory course, students will learn the basics of genetic engineering, explore the political debate around the GMO, and review the arguments for and against the technology’s use. We will study the politics surrounding the GMO and its impact at both an individual level and on society as a whole, including problems, perceptions, benefits, and risks associated with GMOs. To learn more about the course, the instructors, and to enroll, visit:


Follow us on Twitter @CUgmoMOOC . Our goal is that this MOOC will impact people’s understanding of science, what it can and can’t do, and how information is transmitted. The intent is not to influence how people feel about GMOs, but to provide the critical thinking and scientific literacy tools necessary to make informed decisions—and to understand the broader impacts of those decisions.


I hope you can help us get the word out about this free course.


All the best,




Sarah Davidson Evanega, PhD
Senior Associate Director of International Programs, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Director, Cornell Alliance for Science
International Professor of Plant Breeding & Genetics (Adjunct)
B75 Mann Library
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
t: @sarah_evanega

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