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The SC kills Bt talong, and takes down Philippine science as well

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            A Filipino scientist blasts Supreme Court justices for ruling against GMO field trials, debunking claims they’re not safe   Michael Purugganan Published 6:45 PM, December 09, 2015 Updated 12:35 PM, January 01, 2016   “No consensus on safety,” says the headline as news outlets reported yesterday that the Supreme Court has banned field trials for Bt talong, a GMO eggplant developed to resist pests. I have no words. But as a scientist and...

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Genetic engineering for salmon and fish

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            by Dr. Emil Javier November 28, 2015 Since 1996 close to two billion hectares have been planted globally to GMO crops. However, to date no genetically engineered economic animal, whether poultry, livestock nor fish has been approved for release and commercialization. This status is about to change with the approval last week by the US Federal Drug Administration (US-FDA) of a genetically engineered (GE) Atlantic salmon which grows almost twice as fast...

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Top Biotech Stories Cited Anew At National Biotechnology Week 2015

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              NOVEMBER 27, 2015 NBW2015 For the 9th consecutive year, via the 2015 Jose G. Burgos, Jr Awards for Biotech Journalism, published news and feature stories on the numerous benefits of biotechnology to the common Filipino have been recognized again last November 25, 2015 at Kalipayan Beach Resort in Dasmariñas City, Cavite. Organized by J. Burgos Media Services, Inc. and Biotechnology for Life Media and Advocacy Resource Center, the Jose G. Burgos...

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