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Asia-Pacific Analysis: A quaint court ruling on GM eggplant

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            By Crispin Maslog 27/12/2015   Speed read  The Supreme Court upholds a ban on field testing of gene-modified eggplant Ruling is a major setback for supporters of GM research in Asia Courts need to hire competent and independent scientists to rule on science issues The recent Philippine Supreme Court decision (8 December) to ban permanently the field testing of genetically modified eggplant may have derailed the steady march to acceptance of GMOs...

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Dark day for science

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              By: Mark Lynas December 15th, 2015   THE DECISION by the Philippines’ Supreme Court to uphold the ban on GMO Bt talong (eggplant) field trials is a huge disappointment to the scientific community and others pursuing the dream of sustainable and progressive agriculture in this country. The Court upheld the Writ of Kalikasan originally demanded by Greenpeace and other anti-GMO groups in 2012 and backed by the Court of Appeals in 2013. It also...

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Watching the parade pass us by

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              by Dr. Emil Javier ‘There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?’ – Robert Kennedy   During the celebration of agricultural biotechnology week last November, a reader inquired why the science community seem to be so perturbed over the imposition of the writ of kalikasan by the courts on the further development of insect-resistant GMO Bt eggplant. Indeed the Biotech...

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GM crops can benefit organic farmers too

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              December 9, 2015 6.08am AEDT Have you eaten organic food today? If you have eaten anything, then technically you’ve eaten organic. By definition, all food is organic, it just may not have been grown under industry standards, such as Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Most people who choose to eat certified organic do so because they believe it is cleaner and greener, or chemical free. But the most modern cultivated plants are genetically...

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“Green Light In The Tunnel”! Swedish Board of Agriculture: A Crispr-Cas9-Mutant but not a GMO

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            Last Updated: 07 December 2015 The Swedish Board of Agriculture has, after questions from researchers in Umeå and Uppsala in Sweden, confirmed the interpretation that some plants in which the genome has been edited using the CRISPR-Cas9 technology do not fall under the European GMO definition. This is important for the wide use of such plants to contribute to solving some of the escalating challenges of mankind. CRISPR-Cas9 is a technique, invented in...

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