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US savant pushes ‘coexistence’ agriculture for hungry world

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     The online news portal of TV5 LOS BAÑOS, Laguna – Dr. Pesach Lubinsky, a science advisor at the New Technologies Division, Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), told a seminar at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) here that an expanding global population and the threat of severe weather events compels not only the United States but other nations, as well, to propagate...

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Let the farmers decide

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            by Dr. Emil Javier September 26, 2015 This article was prompted by moves of certain local government units to ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops (GMOs) in their efforts to promote organic agriculture under Republic Act 10068, otherwise known as the “Organic Act of the 2010.” These moves are misdirected, constitute an over-reach of local autonomy, and, alas unwittingly anti-poor. As described by its advocates, organic farming is the...

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Big data on 3,000 rice genomes available on the AWS Cloud

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            [22 September 2015] Sample seeds from among the 127,000 rice varieties and accessions stored in the International Rice Genebank at the International Rice Research Institute.​​ The 3,000 Rice Genomes Project (3K RGP) is a collaborative, international research program that has sequenced 3,024 rice varieties from 89 countries. This massive dataset is a powerful resource for understanding natural genetic variation in rice as well as for large-scale...

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Filipino Experts and Agri Stakeholders Discuss Gender and GM Crops

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              September 16, 2015 Scientists, professors, farmer representatives, extension workers and other agriculture stakeholders in the Philippines discussed research and non-research needs on the link betweenGM crops and gender during a roundtable discussion titled Gender and GM Crops: Study findings and identification of gaps relevant to biosafety regulations and GM adoption in the Philippines on September 2, 2015 at SEARCA, College, Laguna. The...

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