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Growing crops in salty soils gets easier one step at a time

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              Monday, 1 June 2015 A team of researchers from The University of Western Australia has made a breakthrough that could assist the future development of crops to cope with production in salty soils worldwide. Soil salinity impedes crop production in many parts of the world, including large areas of farming land in Australia. Professor Timothy Colmer from UWA’s School of Plant Biology and Institute of Agriculture, who led the study, said his team...

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Intelligent bacteria for detecting disease

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            Principle of the use of modified bacteria for medical diagnosis.   May 29 2015 Another step forward has just been taken in the area of synthetic biology. Research teams from Inserm and CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) Montpellier, in association with Montpellier Regional University Hospital and Stanford University, have transformed bacteria into “secret agents” that can give warning of a disease based solely on the presence of...

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