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Enhanced breeding of superior crops through biotechnology

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              [24 March 2015]   Biotechnology is an ancient technology that continues to develop through advances in science and finds numerous applications – including more precise and efficient way of breeding superior agricultural crops   Biotechnology is not new. Dr. Antonio Alfonso presented the science, history and applications of biotechnology during the recently concluded Seminar-Workshop on Understanding Agricultural Biotechnology for...

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New disease-resistant banana variety accepted in Japanese market

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              10 Mar 2015 Good news in the fight against the deadly banana disease Fusarium wilt, comes from the Philippines. A banana variety known as GCTCV-219 (a Philippine selection of a Giant Cavendish Tissue-Culture Variant from the Taiwan Banana Research Institute) is resistant to the disease – including its latest strain Tropical Race 4 currently found in Asia, Oceania and Africa. This new variety could be a potential alternative for the commercial...

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