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Tracking ‘superbug’ genes to understand antibiotic resistance

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            Dr. Paul Morley, left, and Dr. Keith Belk are using DNA sequencing to trace antimicrobial genes in cattle.   15 January 2015 Researchers at Colorado State University are investigating the weighty topic of antibiotic resistance – an issue with ramifications for global food safety and public health – by tracking the genetic footprints of drug-resistant bacteria. They want to determine where infectious organisms originate and how they move through...

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Ancient Wisdom Boosts Sustainability of Biotech Cotton

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              Only the caterpillars of the cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) are cotton pests. The adult moths drink nectar from flowers. By Daniel Stolte, University Relations – Communications | December 16, 2014 Combining computer modeling and field research on cotton pests, a UA-led study suggests that biotechnology and traditional agriculture can be compatible approaches toward sustainable agriculture. Advocates of biotech crops and those who favor...

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PHI-base – A Database to Protect Crop Yields and Human Health

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            6 January 2015 Scientists at Rothamsted Research, which is strategically supported by BBSRC, in collaboration with other researchers globally have improved an Open Access internet resource that catalogues genes involved in host-pathogen interactions. The Pathogen-Host Interactions database (PHI-base) catalogues 2872 genes and associated information for economically important pathogens and pests. A paper published in Nucleic Acids Research summarises...

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