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An Overview of the Last 10 Years of Genetically Engineered Crop Safety Research

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              September 16, 2013. Alessandro Nicolia1*, Alberto Manzo2, Fabio Veronesi1, and Daniele Rosellini1 1Department of Applied Biology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy and 2Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF), Rome, Italy Address for correspondence: Alessandro Nicolia, Department of Plant Breeding, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Box 101, 230 53 Alnarp, Sweden....

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[Updated: More than 6K signed] Sign the Petition: Global scientific community condemns the recent destruction of field trials of Golden Rice in the Philippines

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            See list here of the nearly 6100 supporters who have signed in support of this petition as of September 25.    Petition by Channa Prakash Auburn, AL   On 8 Aug 2013, vandals destroyed a Philippine government field trial of Golden Rice (GR).   As the world’s population continues its increase, sustainable food production is becoming increasingly challenging. More food must be produced in the next 50 years than has been produced since the...

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Standing Up for GMOs: Statement from Science Magazine and the AAAS

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              Statement from Science Magazine and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)   Science 20 September 2013: Vol. 341 no. 6152 p. 1320 DOI: 10.1126/science.1245017   Standing Up for GMOs EDITORIAL Bruce Alberts1, Roger Beachy2, David Baulcombe3, Gunter Blobel4, Swapan Datta5, Nina Fedoroff6, Donald Kennedy7, Gurdev S. Khush8, Jim Peacock9, Martin Rees10, Phillip Sharp11   1Bruce Alberts is President Emeritus of...

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Scientific debate, not mob attacks

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              COMMONSENSE By Marichu A. Villanueva (The Philippine Star) | September 23, 2013 We hope that the powerful European pressure group Greenpeace and its militant allies here will consider more peaceful, less destructive means to push their advocacies. Noticeably, they have intensified their campaign in the Philippines against Filipino scientists and the testing of new plant varieties. Greenpeace has lately been going overboard beyond civility. In...

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Boston Review: The Truth About GMOs

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              Pamela Ronald Friday, September 6, 2013 Mama Moses has been growing bananas on her farm in southwestern Uganda for twenty years. She farms only bananas, which is typical of subsistence farmers in Sanga, the impoverished village where she lives. Last year, when she saw the flowers on her banana plants begin to shrivel and yellow bacteria ooze from the cut stems, she knew her crop was doomed. Within months the bacterial infection turned her...

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