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BCP in Review: 2002 – 2012








BCP IN REVIEW: 2002-2012


2002 – In the Beginning…


BCP is initially launched in 2001 as Biotechnology Conference of the Philippines, where the original logos are also based. (right)







The first BCP General Assembly is held in 12 April 2002, led by BCP founding President Dr. Benigno Peczon and Vice President Rhodora Aldemita (far left), and graced by BCP Adviser Prof. Solita Monsod and Secretary Luis Lorenzo (near left).

 Later in 2002, BCP’s official name is changed to Coalition and this is the name officially registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission in 17 May 2002.



The Department of Agriculture launches a series of trainings for biosafety regulators. BPI Biotech Core Team Secretariat Thelma Soriano presents a critique of the Risk Assessment Review form by STRP members (below, left); then PhilRice Chief Scientist Rhodora Aldemita lectures on Biotech 101 (below, center); while BCP and NAST conduct a Visayas info campaign with DOST Secretary Estrella Alabastro and Senator Aquilino Pimentel (below, right). Bt corn is approved for planting in December 2002.


2003 – Science Speaks

 Greenpeace and allies hold hunger a strike in front of DA to force government to withdraw the permit granted for Bt corn planting. BCP joins forces with the scientific community to hold a counter-rally near the DA office. Hunger strikers demand a dialogue with Secretary Luis Lorenzo but walks out without listening to the invited experts from UP.



2004 – Expanding the Network

BCP, DA Biotech Program, SEARCA-BIC, and PCARRD enter into an agreement to join resources and expertise to launch a national IEC campaign on biotech, and the Biotech for Life Media and Advocacy Resource Center (BMARC) was founded.







2005 – Popularizing Biotech

A year of firsts. BMARC prints BioLife magazine maiden issue. Melody Aguiba (Manila Bulletin) bags the very first Gawad Galing for Biotech Journalism. More info materials are produced.










2006 – Connecting With Local and Asian Stakeholders

BCP hosts the 3rd Asian Biotechnology Conference, a regional conference for developing countries around Asia. Picture below (left) shows Dr. Edgar da Silva (UNESCO) presenting a copy of Asian Biotechnology and Development Review to DOST Secretary Alabastro, while Bishop Jesus Varela and Dr. Wiliam Padolina look on. Meanwhile, BCP continues to hold educational sessions with farmers and local stakeholders around the country. Five generations of biotech excellence.



2007 – New Leadership, New Partnership

The new set of BCP Directors is sworn into office, with Dr. Nina Gloriani as the 2nd BCP President.





BCP members in full support of Dr Gloriani as the new dean of the College of Public Health, UP Manila.





For the first time, BCP partners with CropLife to gather Asian farmers on a biotech study tour (below).










2008 – Furthering Knowledge

BCP founding President and author Dr. Benigno Peczon autographs Straight Talk on Biotechnology.






In a nationwide Biotech Quiz contest aired in national TV, Laguna College wins first prize.






2009 – New Frontier

As a Department of Trade and Industry office pronounces that biotech food cannot be certified as Halal in the Halal Food National Standards, BCP consults with national and international Islamic scholars (below, left). The Standards is later amended to allow GM foods in the Halal certification process. In another front, discussions on coexistence of organic farming and biotech agriculture escalate. BCP joins the Asia-Pacific Biosafety and Biosecurity Association Conference, as Health Secretary Francisco Duque III makes an announcement of the AH1N1 crisis. (below, right)


2010 – A Model Regulation Keeps Up With Developments

Asian neighbors continue to flock to the Philippines to learn of its biosafety regulatory system, with a delegation of Pakistani mid-level government officials visiting a nursery.




Meanwhile, the BPI holds the Asia Pacific Conference on IRM for Bt Crops, stepping up efforts to effectively regulate Bt crops (corn) on its 8th year of planting in the Philippines.






2011 – Farmers and Consumers Continue to Benefit…

First hand, government regulators, officials, scientists, farmer leaders, and journalists from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia are able to witness the benefits of planting a biotech food crop. Chart below shows global adoption continues to rise. 

With continuing support from CropLife for four years, Asian countries continue to visit the corn farms of the Philippines (above, right).


2012 – Celebrating 10 Years of Crop Biotech and of the BCP

The Philippines turns triple 10: the signing of the landmark biosafety regulation DA Administrative Order No. 8 s2002, the first planting of Bt corn, and the founding of the BCP. In a celebration ceremony, BPI presents an award to its former Director, Atty. Blo Umpar Adiong (above), who approved the commercial planting of the first GM crop (Bt corn) in the Philippines. Dr. Nina Gloriani, BCP President, and Congressman Angelo Palmones lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony during the 10th Anniversary Biotechnology Convention of the BCP (above, right).


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